Avoid Auto Insurance Apps for estimates

So you got into an accident. The insurance company has asked you to take pictures with your phone and send them off to them through their claims app. With these pictures they will formulate an estimate. While this seems quick easy and convenient, you’re potentially losing out thousands. Cameras have advanced so much in the past few years but they are nowhere close to the accuracy of the human sight or touch. Perhaps in a few more years they’ll be great but in 2019 we still have a long way to go. The problem with pictures is they don’t tell the whole story. There are times only the human hand can feel a small amount of damage that can only be seen at the perfect angle, as perfectionist we can’t ignore even a small amount of damage. Trust that Ace Paint & Body will look for every damage big or small.

Don’t cash out the insurance check thinking you’ll repair later

Never leave what you can do today till tomorrow. Famous last words and we’ll explain how that affects an auto insurance claim. The fact is most people will cash the check with the intention to repair it later but not get it repaired and this costs you in several ways. First, imagine you had a $1000 insurance check and you potentially have $3000 worth of damage on your vehicle. If you never get your vehicle repaired you just lost out on that $2000 that was owed to you. Many time’s I’ve had people come in my shop with Auto Body repair job that may have been paid for with the initial estimate but now they don’t have the estimate, don’t remember the insurance company, don’t have a contact and now are stuck without enough money to get their vehicle repaired. They now must pay out of pocket for what the insurance company should have paid for.


Anytime we get a big hit or even a small hit most likely there will be hidden damage. This hidden damage most likely won’t be on your initial estimate. For example, your bumper has been damaged, but behind the bumper, you have an absorber, you have sensors, you have an impact bar, which is mounted on the frame or body of the vehicle (which could also be damaged). This is where a supplement is started by the Auto Body Shop. In order to find the hidden damage, you must take your vehicle into the Body Shop and have them dismantle the vehicle with intent to repair. Parts are removed and inspected before they can be put on the supplement estimate. If you had an initial estimate done and you have a check for $1000 for damage’s you might be losing out on thousands from hidden damage. Take your vehicle to an Auto Body Shop like Ace Paint & Body Works in Winter Park and get all the money that is owed to you!