You may have heard of the term “blending” when getting an estimate, if it wasn’t explained correctly we will try our best to make sense of it.  With today’s fancy metallic paint jobs it’s become increasing difficult to match paint perfectly unless you do a “Blend” panel.  To put it simply when a panel of a vehicle is being painted and it’s close to another panel, the adjacent panel must be blended for paint match purposes.  If a door is damaged all the way across the front fender and rear door would also need to be painted, not fully, but partially, which is what blending is.  You partially paint the door fading out the paint so the human eye can’t detect a difference in the gradual color change.  We’ve attached a picture to try to help you visualize what a blend is.

At Ace we always recommend blending panels that are close to the damage, we will try to avoid it anytime we can to save our customers money but sometimes it can’t be avoided.  We hope this helps you understand what blending is!