Why the big price difference?

You may have gone around to a few shops and been given estimates that are drastically different.  Allow us to break it down the price differences for you.

Paint Quality: There are several different types of paint quality that exist.   Always make sure you get a lifetime warranty if you want a paint job to last the lifespan of your vehicle.   Anytime you paint a panel of a vehicle you want to make sure the paint reaches all parts of that panel, that means behind door moldings, behind door handles, and behind quarter glass panels.  Lower quality shops will simply tape up removable parts.  The problem with taping parts is that once you pull the tape off, the clearcoat seal will have been broken from panel which means there will eventually be delamination.  Delamination means the clearcoat will start chipping off exposing the basecoat which will start fading quickly and the whole paint job will look like it was spray canned.  At Ace we will provide a lifetime warranty on the workmanship for the life of your vehicle.

Parts Difference: There are several different types of parts used in the auto repair business that have a big price difference but today we’ll focus on four main types.  New OEM, Used OEM, Aftermarket and Reconditioned.  Knowing the different part types can help decipher an estimate and know what you are being charged for.

New OEM – New Original Equipment Manufacturer part made by the company that makes the vehicle for example Honda makes the OEM parts for Honda, these parts are usually the most expensive but also fit the best.

Used OEM – A used OEM part is an Original Manufacture part that is pulled from a vehicle that may have been damaged in the front but the parts in the back are still usable. These parts are usually a lot cheaper than New OEM, especially if the vehicle is older.

Aftermarket – Over the past few years Aftermarket parts have become a lot more available. The parts look exactly like OEM but they aren’t made by the Original Manufacturer.  We don’t always recommend buying Aftermarket parts because they may not have the same factory fit, but if trying to save money they might be the best option.  If you do go with an Aftermarket part, make sure the parts are CAPA certified, which means they have been crash tested.

Reconditioned – Reconditioned parts are OEM parts that were involved in an accident and professionally repaired for resell purpose. The price is similar to aftermarket or Used parts.

Training:  Not all shops hire the same type of people.  Training is extremely important when it comes to repairing a vehicle the right way, especially in this day and age where there are so many safety features on the vehicle which could mean the difference between life and death.  Companies with lower estimates may not have the right type of training for their technicians.  Always ask if the techs fixing your car are I-Car Certified.  At Ace we continually give I-Car training to our technicians.